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STLP- Student Technology Leadership Program



PSA #1- By Bentley M and Chase M- 4th graders

Title: Positive Behavior PSA


First, we came up with an idea for our STLP project. We decided to collaborate with a group project and talk about behavior. Then, we started a presentation for our project. We used Google Slides to create a storyboard and script for each area. After, we used an iPad and the tripod to make our video throughout the school, we edited our presentation on iMovie to where we could refer off of it for the rest of our project. Then, the other team that we collaborated with made a website that we put some of our videos that we made on.


Digital Book Cover #1- Draden S- 5th Grade

Title: Dog Man Unleashed

Process: First,I logged into Google Draw on my school issued chromebook on November 2,2023. Second I made a shape for the head. Then I made the eyes with two lines and then I made the ears with two ovals. I made the nose with an oval and then changed it to black. I took a moon and turned it upside down and turned it black. Then I made a red rectangle for the tongue. I added 5 little lines for his chin. I made a box for his body. THen I used the line tool to make both arms. I added two clouds and changed them to tan. Lastly, I took two slanted rectangles, and shrank them down for both of his legs. I created this new book cover because Dog Man Unleashed is my favorite book.


Digital Book Cover #2- Sarah G- 5th Grade 

Title: Charlotte's Web

Process: I logged onto Google Draw on my school issued HP chromebook on November 2, 2023. First, I changed my background to blue. Second, I used the circle (shapes) to make the body. Next, I used the rectangles (shapes) for the legs. Then, I used the scribble for the tail. I also used the circles for the head and face. Then, I used the triangles for the ears. After that, I used the circle to make the mud. Finally, I used the shape and text box for the title.


3d Design- Draden S- 5th Grade

Title: Monster Truck


Process: 11-9-23 I Logged to my google classroom and I opened my STLP Student Files. After I did that I logged in to The first thing I did was I put four tires. Secondly I put a platform on. Lastly, I designed the back of the truck. I made this on my school issued HP G6 chromebook and external mouse. 


Kentucky Travel- Nolan R, Kael H, Audrey J and Jackson W

Title: Robertson County - Kentucky Journeys: Unveiling the Hidden Gems





Original Image #1 by Krystina N.

Title: The Fall Leaves


I took this picture on my iPhone 12 mini. It was taken on November 25th, 2023 at 5:45 pm. I took this picture because I thought that the leaf in the picture went along with the season and it was perfect timing.  And Lastly, I took this picture in the woods by my house because it was one of the only leaves left on the tree. 

Original Image #2- Elnora B.- 6th Grade 

 Title: Last Chance

Process: The Process I did to get this picture is that I got my moms phone Iphone 11. I took the photo at 7:00 on Sunday.Beforehand I prepared thinking about what I could do.  I walked around the farm looking around to see if there would be a good place to take the photo. I found a big rock next to a fence and a light post to give it a cool effect. Then I got a prop bull skull from my house.I placed it  on the rock I got on the ground and took a picture.

Digital Art #1 by Elnora B. 6th Grade

Title- Misty Dragon

Process:  First I planned what I wanted to do so through ou the day I drew random stuff on paper  that came to my mind but nothing really sparked to me. So I thought to wing it.  Went on my brothers Iphone 11 and went on IBS paint I thought of something I was good at drawing, and the first thing that came to my mind was dragons. I wanted to do a style were there was not  much detail but still enteresting to look at. I had drawn the dragon and thought it looked a little too bland so I looked up a picture of clouds and the first clouds I seen were the ones that are on my art right now.

Digital Art #2- Rachel B- 6th Grade

Title: Rodeo

Process: The first thing I did was I went to canva and I clicked on a new project. Then I searched up western in the stickers once I found the things I needed. I then placed them where they would line up and go together. Next I added color to the cards and the logo at the top. I used my school chrome book to then take a screen shot and Placed it in a doc and submitted it.