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STLP- Student Technology Leadership Program


/userfiles/83/my files/mk-vii-helmet.stl?id=3702ROBERTSON COUNTY MIDDLE SCHOOL 

Original Image #1 by Addisston F.

Title: Baby Tilly Posing

original photo

Process: I went into the field to take pictures, and Tilly came up to me and posed. I decided to snap a shot since she was standing still. This was taken on a S22 on Oct. 24, 2022. I took this picture because I needed to have a good picture for Mrs. G’s class.


Original Image #2 by Marley E.

 Title: Tennessee Blues


Process: This was taken April 11th. I took this photo on a trip in Tennessee up on a snowy mountain. During this photo I dropped my phone in the stream also. Around this time was when I was learning photography which I struggled with for a bit but for the most part I was very happy with it. This was taken with an android A12 which seems very surprising but I'd choose it over my iphone any day. I was taking many photos but this was just stood out, I wanted to get a smooth picture of the stream that ran from Carolina to Tennessee.


Digital Art #1 by 

Title- Animals in the Dark

dig art

Process: I used an Apple iPad and the app I used was Ibis. At first, I drew the dog then the other animals and colored in the background because I did not like how it looked when the background was light. I used a stylus and the shading took a while to decide which side to put it on. I chose to draw animals because I think they are easy to draw and looked good in the contrast. 


Digital Art #2 by Cadence N

Title- A Night in the Desert


Process: I started by drawing the cliff and made it look more 3D. Then I drew the mountains and the river. Next, I drew the cactus and colored the sand. I then colored everything in and added the star things at the top. i used on my school issued cromebook. I had been learning about digital art and chose this scene. 



Digital Art #1 by Camryn H

Title: Camryn's Fireplace



Process: First I opened the paint on the computer. I began working on the walls and floors first, then after that was completed I focused on the Christmas tree. I used shapes and different colors to make the tree, and the presents to go underneath it. With the help and opinions of the kindergarteners I decided to add in a snowman that you can see through the window. After finishing our snowman I began to make a fireplace. The fireplace had to be drawn in without using different shapes but rather by using the paint brushed and hand drawing it. I made the fireplace and the fire to go within it. Lastly I created the wreath, candles, and the stockings.


Digital Art #2 by Allison H

Title: Classic Cones


Process: The first thing I did was open Good Notes 5 on my sister’s Ipad. I connected her apple pencil and started drawing. I wanted to do a funny twist on some classic paintings so I started looking for inspiration. I did some brainstorming and sketching until I decided on my final design idea. After that I refined the sketches and erased anything not needed. I then colored the two characters, the painting in the background, furniture, and finally the background. After all this I added some final details and finished my drawing.



Logo Design #1 by Lila Grace H

Title: Goat Milk Soap Project Logo



Process: This year, in our agriculture class, we got a dairy goat and milked her for several months. Then, we made soap from the goat milk and beeswax from our beehives. In order to sell them, we needed a label. So, I made a logo for our product using Canva. I chose a circular design, inserted text that described our project, and found a goat graphic. Using the “curve” effect in Canva, I curved the title along the top of the logo.I also used the colors of FFA. We packaged our soap and have now sold over 100 bars in our community.


Original Photo #1- David B

Title: Cavetown


Process: I was at Horse Cave, KY. There was a town built over the cave a long time ago. I took the photo on a balcony and it was November 1, 2022 on my iPhone 11. I was inspired to take this photo because I like how unique it was.


Original Photo #2- Dylan M

Title: Beauty in the Alamo


Process: I took this photo on December 2nd using the iPhone X’s “Portrait Mode”. The story of this photo begins a few months prior to the date of the photo to when my brother left home for Air Force basic training. He was sent to the San Antonio Air Force Base to receive his training, so when we went to visit him on the day of his graduation we explored around San Antonio. I saw a lot of beautiful things from the riverwalk to the Alamo. But, the most beautiful sight that I saw was this innocuous tree located inside the Alamo garden strung up with lights and sprawled out in various directions. So, I decided to capture an image of this tree and it has been the wallscreen of the phone that took the photo ever since.


3D Design #1 by Kole W

Title: Infinite

STL File for 3D Design-

Process: I used Fusion 360 to model this helmet from Halo: Infinite. On Fusion 360, I started with the top and worked my way down. I was trying to get everything to size but eventually, it fit like a glove. I used Fusion 360's intricate and throughout tools to draw and design it and my school issued Macbook Air.