Reading - The Power of Picture Books

Picture books are not just for the very young reader!  Picture books are treasures that can be used as mentor texts to teach various content and various reading skills K-12.  Click Here to see an article on using children's books for upper grades!  This article also provides a listing of books and the topic that they address.  Research shows that picture books can benefit and draw in readers regardless of age.  Practicing fluency is just one of many skills that can benefit from repeated reading of picture books.  Fluency affects comprehension.  Themes can be also be explored in picture books - writing, reading, speaking, listening and content can be taught within the context of theme.  Themes provide relevance for students of all ages.  In our classroom, we are using picture books to explore skills, including fluency.  Students practice their fluency for a least a week reading the same book and then they are ready to share with others via a video.  Enjoy watching how we use picture books!  Our goal is to do a video picture book at least once a month.  We know that Readers ARE Leaders!


October Picture Book - Room on the Broom

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