YELP- Youth Engagement Leadership Program


YELP (Youth Engagement Leadership Program) is geared towards getting high school kids engaged in creating positive change in their communities. They host planning sessions that provide some basic concepts and then guide the kids through the process of envisioning the kind of community they'd like to create. They also discuss ways that young people can assist in that transformation.



YELP hopes to engage youth in an interactive way that allows them to gain the essential skills needed for success outside of school while discussing current issues facing their communities and brainstorming sustainable solutions they can be a part of. CEDIK Engagement staff bring their expertise to the table while working with youth to determine the direction of the programming. YELP thrives with strong community partners who can work together to offer unique opportunities and insights to participants.  


Students who are interested, must fill out and return the attached application by December 6, 2019.

Click here to download the application: /userfiles/83/my files/yelp application (1).pdf?id=3165

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