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About Us

School History

The picture above is of Mr. and Mrs. Osmer Sage Deming in front of their home of which later became Deming School.  The Robertson County Board of Education purchased the home in 1915.  In 1927, the Board of Education changed the name of a newly construction school to Deming High School in honor of Judge O.S. Deming.

Students K-12 spent several years in the Deming High School.  On January 28, 2013, students and staff held class at their new Robertson County School District. Sadly, Deming School was burned down due to arson on July 18, 2013.



The newly constructed school is K-12 and current enrollment is approximately 435.  The school is comprised with the most up-to-date and newest technology with interactive panels, projectors, new computers that are currently being utilized in the classroom and we are a 1:1 school which means all of our students are issued a device. Kindergarteners use iPads while students in grades 1st- 12th are issued a chromebook. Seniors who are enrolled in online college classes are issued a Macbook. Integrating technology into the curiculum, developing students' content knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to reach their maximum potential as responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners is our goal at RCS.