Superintendent's Message

I am excited to begin my fifth year as your Robertson County School Superintendent.  From the day that I stepped into the district, I have seen so many positive teaching strategies, parent, teacher, and student interactions, and teamwork.  I believe in public education, and I am confident that this district provides a terrific education for the children of RCS. 

Our focus will remain on continuous improvement of teaching and learning, school safety, facilities, allocation of resources, and technology.  All of our efforts and resources will support student success.  I respect and appreciate our RCS staff as they provide the support for a rigorous and relevant learning in respectful and safe classroom environments.  I am committed to working with students, parents, teachers, staff administrators, Board of Education members, elected officials, and all community members who believe in our school and our students.  Collaboratively, we can meet the individual needs of all our children.  

Our school must be a place of challenge and support.  Children need to know we care, we believe in them, and we will listen to them.  Our faculty and staff must be ready to partner with our dedicated parents and students, as well as students who need extra effort and attention.  Our most successful students have involved parents who work side by side with our school. 

It is my honor to serve as your superintendent.  I approach this year with excitement as I look forward to the 2019-2020 school year, serving a team that is working diligently to improve the learning environment and continue to meet our students need, building strong athletic teams, improving performing arts, investing in our strong Ag. Program and encouraging community volunteerism.  It only takes one look into the bright shiny faces of our students to know that we WILL make a difference in the lives of children, one investment at a time.



Sanford Holbrook

Robertson County School Superintendent


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