Board of Education Meeting

Lilian Chmura

The Robertson County Board of Education met on Monday, April 16 at 6:30 pm.  During the meeting the April "Students of the Month" were recognized.  Their pictures and media release are below.



Board Member Marsha Jones with Ethan McFarland, Lilian Chmura with Board Member Kevin Dotson


Camryn Hughes with Board Member Wendell Haag, Jenna Brown with Board Member Dr. John Burns


Trevor Hamm with Board Member Darlene Gifford

Robertson County Board of Education

Media Release

April 16, 2018

Board Meeting


The April 16, 2018 Robertson County Board of Education board meeting was called to order by Chair John Burns.


Items Approved by the Board at its April 16, 2018 board meeting were:


  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of the following board meeting minutes:  March 19, 2018 regular meeting minutes
  • Approval of payment of all bills and claims
  • Approval of the following travel/trip request:

Travel Request

4/16/18-Sherry Myers to KEDC training in Lexington, KY

6/15/18-Erica Carpenter to library PD training in Morehead, KY

4/27/18-Diana Wells to Regional Prevention Center for youth mental health training in Maysville, KY

School Related Student Trip Requests

4/18/18-Valerie Creasman to take the eighth, ninth, and twelfth grades to Morehead State University in Morehead, KY

4/20/18-Dan Hildebrand to take the Spanish Classes to El Caminante Restaurant in Flemingsburg, KY

4/29/18-Lenita Henderson to take the juniors and seniors to Project Prom at the YMCA in Maysville, KY

5/14/18-First Grade to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY

5/16/18-Second Grade to Carter Caves in Olive Hill, KY

5/21/18-4th grade to Blue Licks State Park in Mt. Olivet, KY

5/22/18-3rd grade to Blue Licks State Park in Mt. Olivet, KY

5/4/18-K-2 grades to Bracken County Taylor Elementary School to watch play in Brooksville, KY

School Related Student Out of State Trip Requests

5/10/18-Preschool and Kindergarten to the Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati, OH

5/18/18-Eighth grade to Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH

5/18/18-Fifth grade to Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati, OH

  • Approval of the following fundraiser requests:

School Fundraisers

4/18-Class of 2020 to do Donations for their Spring Fundraiser.    

  • Approval of the following building use request:                    

Building Use Request

5/10/18-Head Start to use cafeteria for end of year dance.

  • No personnel to acknowledge:



  • Approval of the 2nd reading of fiscal management policies:  04.32, 04.4, 04.41, 04.5, 04.6, 04.7, 04.8, 04.81, 04.9, 04.91, and 04.92.
  • Approval of the 2nd reading of transportation policies:  06.0, 06.1, 06.11, 06.12, 06.13, 06.14, 06.2, 06.21, 06.22, 06.221, 06.221, 06.23, 06.31, 06.32, 06.33, 06.34, 06.342, 06.4, and 06.5.
  • Approval of the 2018-2019 physical therapy services contract with A Step Ahead.
  • Approval of the following 2018-2019 bids on the following:  bus tires, bus parts, diesel fuel and oils.
  • Approval of the BG 2 and BG 3 for the new construction project.
  • Approval of the construction documents for BG 18-247.
  • Adjournment


Items Reviewed/Discussed by the Board at its April 16, 2018 board meeting with No Action Taken were:

The following students of the month were recognized and encouraged to keep up the good work:  Ethan McFarland, Lilian Chmura, Jacob Henderson, Camryn Hughes, Trevor Hamm, and Jenna Brown.

Mr. Johnson, Principal, presented his Principal’s report to the Board stating KOSSA testing is complete.  EOC testing is coming up next week.  Elementary is trying a new benchmark testing software, and shortly thereafter KPREP testing will begin.

Mrs. Linville, D.P.P./IS, presented to the Board that the year to date attendance average is at 96.28% and current enrollment is at 378 students.  They are currently finalizing the last week of school plans.  There are 28 days of school left and they are working to finalize the KPREP schedule.

Miss Teegarden, Finance Officer, presented information to the Board reviewing a finance officer report for February 2018, a monthly financial report showing amounts budgeted and % used and remaining through February 2018, and all bills and claims for March 2018. A projected ending cash balance for general fund was discussed.

Attorney, Ray Bogucki, reported to the Board that the title insurance on the new 6.7 property purchase for the new construction project was complete, and he is still working to develop bullying policies for the Board to review.

PLC presentations were presented to the Board by the following certified teachers:  Ashley Shugars, Alicia (Nikki) Johnson, Becky Schalch, Karen Graves, and Shannon Bretz.

The Architects presented a BG 2 which is a programing sheet, and a BG 3 which summarizes financial information showing the probable cost of the new construction project to the Board.  The total construction cost is estimated at $1,820,125.28 with lights for the ball fields as an additional cost to this amount before bids.  They also presented an updated timeline of the project for the Board. 

Mr. Holbrook, Superintendent, presented to the Board that he has discussed the construction cost with fiscal agent Joe Nance and gave an update on the districts bonding potential.  There will be a drama play on May 4, 2018 at 5:30pm.


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