STLP- Student Technology Leadership Program

Last Updated: 1/8/2020 2:38 PM

Original Image #1 by Wyatt C.

Title: The EGA Defined by Devotion


Process: This photo was taken on my Canon Rebel T6 in June of 2016. My cousin who is in the picture is a United States Marine, and at this time he had just returned home after completing basic training. The significance of this picture is in the Eagle Globe and Anchor Emblem he is holding as it is awarded to every new Marine. It symbolizes all of the hard work and perseverance needed to make it through boot camp and finally complete the crucible, a final test designed to push even the best of the best to their absolute limit. I was inspired to take this shot because my family is very patriotic and we are very proud of his service to our country.


Manipulated Image #1 by Abby C.

Title- Magic Kingdom

Original- Magic Kingdom Org

Manipulated Image- MK Manipulated

Process: For my project I decided to do a manipulated image. For my image I chose the castle at magic kingdom. I took this while on vacation with my family. I thought I should take this as a way to look back and because that was my first time ever going. The photo I chose was taken in Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida  on Oct 1, 2018 at 3:52 pm. My first step was downloading an editing app, I chose vsco. VSCO is a photography mobile app, It allows users to capture photos and edit them in the app, using preset filters and editing tools. The next step was to enable my camera roll to the app and start editing. First I had to add a preset filter, then I added some contrast to the photo, then I chose to sharpen the image, then exposing it, and even adding a touch of clarity and lastly adding saturation the photo. After my editing process I emailed it my STLP supervisor. This was my manipulated  image process.


Manipulated Image #2 by Hadleigh L.

Title- A Snowy Morning in December

Original- Hadleigh

Manipulated Image- Hadleigh Manipulated

Process: For my project I decided to do manipulated image. For my picture I chose to do a sunrise while it was snowing. The day that I took this picture was December 11, 2019 at 7:53 am. My first step was downloading an app. The app I used was called VSCO. When I opened the app I decided that I was going to zoom in. The reason I zoomed in is so you can really see the snowflakes detail.Then, I added some color. I added color so it will make the snowflakes pop. After I was done editing I saved it to my camera roll and sent it to my advisor. This picture is very important to me because when we went to Perfect North Slopes a few years ago while it was snowing we broke the record there for the most people going down the big slide in tubes. All of us hooked together ended up being 99 people. When we were going down all the snow on the trees glistened and I ended up having a snowflake on my eyelash. I thought it was so beautiful because I could see all the little arms it had. This picture that I took reminded me of that day because it was a gorgeous site to see. When I wake up on my way to school the snowflakes were telling me to take a picture. After I took this picture I chose to use it as my STLP picture.


Documentary Video Product by Tanner G.

Title: Living History of RC

To view video, click here or copy and paste this link:

Process:  I used a hpg6 cromebook to interview my mammaw Darlene Gifford.this has took me many times because i wanted to be prefect. I did darlene because I thought she would be a good person to do it with. I think she has made a impact on the commuity because sheis on the school board and i think she help the school. I took this video at 9:30 pm on dec 12,2019 . It was fun to do but i was nervous the entire time. It was a fun project to do though.


Documentary Video Product by Lily C.

Title: A True Public Servant

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Process: The first thing I did was decide my subject. I chose Carol Mitchell, the director of the Robertson County Public Library. I chose her because she has been here for over 45 years and we are very close. She is very easy to get along with and when needed always gives help to others and the community. My next step was to come up with questions. I decided I would do 15 questions and stop every 5 questions. The reason I stopped the video was because I wanted to add some special effects and transitions. To add the transitions and effects I imported it into Google Slides.  The next thing I did was set up a date. I contacted Carol to see when her schedule was available. We confirmed a date and met up at the school library at 2:45 pm. We set up and did some trial runs. We ended up having shot 14 videos. After looking over all the videos I then edited them. After editing the videos I sent it to my advisor and we looked over it for a final check over. The last thing I did was upload my video to Youtube and put it on the website with my speech for judging.