STLP- Student Technology Leadership Program

Last Updated: 3/1/2021 2:23 PM

Original Image #1 by Tanner F.

Title: Oreo as a Kitten

Original Image

Process: I took this photo on January 26 2021 on my HP GG 11 chromebook. I chose this photo because when he was little his we at to to care of him and bottle feeded him. I was inspired by this photo because it reminded me of how much fun we had over the months.he means alot to me because he was abandoned when he was 2 weeks old. When you will look at my photo, I hope you wil see how playful he was and spoiled.


Original Image #2 by Chloe N.

Title: Morning Skies


Process: This photo was taken behind my house on my IPhone 12 Pro Max at 7:17 AM in January 2021. In this photo you will see a sunset. The significance of this photo is the sunset was beautiful and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. It symbolizes how pretty the earth can be even at dark times of the world when people are destroying places and burning stuff down. Somehow the earth still manages to be beautiful and that's what I love about it. I was inspired to take this photo because it makes me think of beautiful times instead of all the bad things happening today.


Manipulated Image #1 by Gracie S.

Title- The Start of a New Day

Original- ori

Manipulated Image- man

Process:  This photo was taken on my iPhone 11 in August 19th, 2019. I used VSCO to edit my photo, the edits I made to the image are Exposure -4.1, Contrast -4.8, Sharpen +8.4, Clarity +1., Saturation +6, Highlights +12, Shadows +7.5, Vignette +12, Grain +5, Highlight tint, magenta +12, Blur +4.2, and last but not least, I used the filter C1/Chromatic +8.5. The photo includes a sunset that was in my backyard. The significance of this photo is the sunset. I've always loved sunsets so I knew this would be the best choice for my STLP project! My picture symbolizes the start of a new day and how beautiful it is.


Manipulated Image #2 by Colby C

Title- My Best Friend Duke

Original- duke

Manipulated Image- duke

Process: I took this picture on iphone 10 XR.The reason i took this picture is because I like my dog. He’s my bestfriend and if he dies I have something to remember him .I thought this picture would look better than a sunset or something like that. I hope this encourages you to buy an australian shepherd red merle. That's why I took this picture and submitted this picture for the STLP project. picture.I like this dog because he has saved my life many times.Me and my dad were working cattle and a cow turned on me and Duke turned her back around instead of letting her kill me. Duke has saved me many times.


Digital Art #1 by Rachel U.

Title: Dreaming big, so Goodnight


Process:  I made this digital art piece on my Iphone 11, using the Procreate App and a Meko Generation 1 digital pencil. I did this piece on January 16, 2021 at my desk watching Netflix. I was having trouble sleeping, and wanted to project how I felt through my art. Looking at my art, you can see that I left lines unconnected, never fully colored an area of the clothing, and used dark dull colors. I used these small distinctions in my art to project how tired I was and to express myself through my art. In all my pieces I always try to express my self with a feeling, a moment, or a thought. Whether its through colors or line-art, I express myself and my feelings in every piece I do. I believe that expressing myself through my art, makes me an even better artist and expands the meaning of my art to more that just a drawing.


Digital Art #2 by Alexis E.


Dig Art




    I edited this image with my Lenovo T430 laptop on February 3, 2021. 

    I chose a pack of wolves as the subject for my image because wolves were what inspired me to become a writer. When I was younger, I was fascinated with wolves’ social structure and anatomy (I still am!); they gave me the drive I needed to become an artist and an author.

    First, I created a glowing effect and placed it over the moon in the original image. I then inserted a larger moon image, and turned the contrast up slightly.

    Next, I added the wolf and bird silhouettes, and then I put the snow effect over the image.

    Lastly, I added a white filter over the entire image and enhanced the glowing effect on the moon.



Graphic Design #1 by Josh M.




Graphic Design #2 by Caleb S.

Title- Future welding company



Process: I started by putting the background box then i made the object that's being welded 

 As well as the stick of metal that is welding the metal together.