STLP- Student Technology Leadership Program


Digital Art #1 by Gracie H.

Title: Confusion Confusion 

Process- I created this on Thursday, October 25, 2018. This photo was made on my IPhone7 at 9:45 AM.

I drew this because it seems no matter what I do I am always confused.


Digital Art #2 by Brooklyn B.

Title: Shatters  Shatters

Process: Here is my entry for the digital art product. I started with a sketch of a girl looking into a mirror, then I started on the line work by making another layer over top of the sketch layer. Next, I removed the sketch layer so there was only line art. Then I start coloring. I color by making a 3rd layer and putting it under the line layer. I color with the same brush as the line art and change the color to whatever I want. Finally I can add minor details like the shine on the glass and the small spiders. That is my process on "shatters."


Original Image #1 by Lila H.

Title: 2 Snails 2 Snails

Process: I took this picture on an iPhone by focusing closely on the snails and centering them in the frame. I chose to take a picture of the snails because when I first saw them, I thought they were flowers. I was surprised when I looked closer and saw they were snails.  


Original Image #2 by Sindole G.

Title: Old Home Old Home


I took this photo September 19, 2018 at 6:48 p.m. At my house, I took this the first day I got my Iphone 8+. I will always remember this photo because, it is a picture of the lane that goes to my house.


  1. Turn your phone on

  2. Open the camera app

  3. Find a spot to take a photo

  4. Take photo


Manipulated Image #1 by Gracie H.

Title- Swan Lake

Original- Swan Lake Original

Manipulated Image- Swan


I took this picture on the day of Tuesday October 23,2018 at a lake near my house around 5:00pm. The lake was called Martins Lake. I took this picture because I thought it would look better with a little wildlife.On that day I took around 5 other photos. I chose this one because I thought it was unique.

My new image is called Swans Lake. The app I used for this photo is called PS Express. I took this picture on my IPhone 7. The first thing I did to make this photo was make the Aspect Ratio to Unconstrained. The next thing I did was change the light to exposure. After that I changed the shape of it to a triangle. That is all that I changed to make my manipulated image, I hope you enjoy.


Manipulated Image #2 by Brooklyn B.

Title- The Fair

Original- Fair Org

Manipulated Image- Fair Man

Process: This is my entry for the manipulated photo contest. The only thing I did was make a multiply layer and blend two or three colors.


Graphic Design by Emmilee C.

Title- Angel Jersey

Graphic Desing

Process:The name of my picture is Angel Jersey I thought of this because I wanted to make a birthday present for my cousin and I know that she like's angel's and jersey's so i put them together and came up with the project.


Feature Video Product by Cesar R.

Title: Black Devils Black and White Video

To view video, click here or copy and paste this link:


Digital Music Product by Donnie B.

Title: Beautiful Sounds

To view video, click here or copy and paste this link:

Process: I started by getting my guitar and plugging in my amp. Then I put the effects of what I needed. I played and made something up. The name of it is Beautiful Sounds. I made it up a while ago because I was bored. I recorded myself and put it on youtube. That’s how I made it.


Documentary Video Product by Rachel U.

Title: Influences in the Community

To view video, click here or copy and paste this link:

Process: My documentary product started when I first began thinking about who I would like to interview. Once I decided who I would interview, I then thought about my questions and wrote them down. After that, my mom and I looked over them, decided which order to ask them in so that the interview would flow well and put them on Flashcards for me to read.  Next, I wasn’t sure about my dependability to read the questions, so I practiced reading them until Friday November 2,2018. We had scheduled to meet for the interview at our school’s Halloween Carnival. The school was incredibly busy because of the festival so our Superintendent graciously let us use his office for the filming of the interview. While my mom and Carol set up the chairs and talked I set up my chromebook on its default camera/video recorder to take the video. It took a couple times to get the finished product, because we made several mistakes when trying to record the interview. Once we finished, I wrote a message to our librarian about how to submit the video to her.She helped me submit it and then I was done.


Documentary Video Product by Sindole G.

Title: Mrs. Treva

To view video, click here or copy and paste this link:

1. Set up my questions
2. Set-up an appointment
3.Get video setup at place
4. Start video
5. Ask questions 
6. Thank your subject


Documentary Video Product by Kaine R.

Title: How My Mother Inspires Others

To view video, click here or copy and paste this link:


I created a STLP video and I interviewed my mother because she inspires kids. She was a teacher at my school for several years and impacted so many children while she worked there. I interviewed her one night at my house while my sister video taped it on her Apple Iphone 8. I asked my mother the questions below. 

  1. What was it like for you in school?

  2. What was your favorite class in school?

  3. How did you like teaching for 15 years?

  4. Do you miss teaching?

  5. What was your favorite class to teach?