6th Grade Syllabus

 6th Grade English/Language Arts Course Syllabus

             Robertson County School


Class Description: This English/Language Arts class is designed to increase your communications skills through reading, writing, speaking, and the study of the English language.  Our primary focus in language arts class will be mastery of reading comprehension, different writing styles, demonstration of the rules of grammar, and the ability to express yourself orally.


This year you can expect to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction including novels, short stories, dramas, poetry, and essays. These writing pieces will model the different writing styles we will be working on ourselves.  Writing assignments will include timed responses, journal writing, critiques, and creative pieces.  Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar assignments will also be an important part of this class.  Because we are a community of learners, please also expect to work periodically in group situations and to present information to your peers in groups or individually. Please understand that at-home reading is expected and is a component of our course.  You will be held accountable for at-home reading by various methods.


Our major units of study will include but are not limited to:

  • Narrative writing*
  • Expository writing (descriptive, explanation, comparison and contrast, problem/solution)*
  • Technical writing (friendly letters, thank-you notes, instructions, web pages)*
  • Persuasive writing/Speech writing and delivery*
  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Mythology/Folklore
  • Sentence Fluency and Construction
  • Vocabulary
  • Standard grammar and mechanics


*Throughout all of our writing, we will also utilize the multi-step writing process to develop, revise, evaluate, and improve our products. In our course of study in all the units, we will address the various elements of specific genres (including but not limited to organization, purpose, audience, narration, conflict, sound, graphics, tone, and theme).

Infinite Campus: You are able to see your up-to-date class average at any time on the Infinite Campus website. Your parents must obtain a username and password from the main office. Check this site often to see if you are missing assignments in English/Language Arts.

Homework: My teacher webpage will keep students and parents updated on daily/weekly homework assignments.  From the school’s homepage, simply click on Teacher Pages tab and search for your teacher’s name. You will also find class announcements as well.

Grading Policy: In our class, you will be graded informally and formally each day, using several different types of assessments

Grading Scale: A 100-90  B 89-80 C 79-70 D 69-60 F Below 60

Required Materials:

  *1” Binder                    *Coloring pencils/markers       

 *Notebook paper


Returned Work: All work will be graded and returned in-class in a timely manner.   Please allow a while longer for lengthier writing assignments.  Students will have an opportunity to review their graded work, and then they will be asked to file the assignments into their class data notebooks.  Data notebooks are used to gauge student progress throughout the year.

Assignments: All assignments must be submitted by the given due date and are due at the beginning of the class period unless otherwise stated. All homework is due the next day unless otherwise stated.

Late Assignments/Missed Work: Any assignments not received on or before the due date are considered late. Missed work will be placed in designated assignment basket when child is absent. It is the student’s responsibility to check basket for missed work. The basket will be emptied at the end of the week. Once emptied, the work is no longer available to turn in.  For every excused consecutive day absent is how many days the student has to turn in homework. In order to receive credit for any missed assignments, students must have an excusable absence, tardy, or early dismissal.

Cheating/Plagiarism: Cheating and/or plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic grade of zero. This includes copying homework, classwork, test answers, talking during a test or quiz, allowing someone to copy your work, and trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own.