Board of Education Meeting

Hunter Poe

Keyanna IsonHunter Poe

Darlene Gifford with Keyanna Ison.  Dr. John Burns with Hunter Poe.

Christopher Emmons

Wendell Haag with Christopher Emmons

Robertson County Board of Education

Media Release

February 20, 2018

Special Board Meeting


The February 20, 2018 Robertson County Board of Education board meeting was called to order by Chair John Burns.


Items Approved by the Board at its February 20, 2018 board meeting were:


  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of the following board meeting minutes:  January 15, 2018
  • Approval of payment of all bills and claims
  • Approval of the following travel/trip request:

Travel Request

2/9/18, 2/16/18, 2/19/18, & 2/23/18-Tammy Leadingham to Visual Impaired Training and DOSE training in Frankfort and Ashland, KY

2/14/18-Holly Linville to DAC meeting in Florence, KY

2/16/18-Lauren Hughes to RTC Turning the Light Preschool Training in Ashland, KY

2/20/18-Diana Wells to FRYSC KY Training & Legislative Reception Frankfort, KY

2/28/18-3/2/18-Holly Linville to Assessment Symposium in Nashville, TN

2/21/18-2/23/18-Valerie Creasman to KY Counselor Conference in Lexington, KY

4/16/18-4/17/18-Tracy Teegarden to 2018 School Energy Summit for Finance Training in Lexington, KY

School Related Student Trip Requests

02/02/2018-Brandi Thayer to take the FCCLA for Star Event Competition in Maysville, KY

02/03/18-Sherry Myers to take Archery for Archery Shoot in Cynthiana, KY

2/3/18, 2/17/18, 3/18/18, & 3/19/18-Cayeann Cowan to take Academic Team for Governor’s Cup Tournament in Louisville, KY

2/15/18-Frank Gifford to take FFA to Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY

3/2/18-Frank Gifford to take FFA to MSU for Leadership Conference in Morehead, KY

3/2/18-Brandi Thayer to take FCCLA to Boys & Girls Club for Regional Office and Leadership Development Activities in Maysville, KY

03/08/18-Tamara Leadingham to take students to the Ale-8 Bottling Factory in Winchester, KY

3/14/18-Lenita Henderson to take FBLA students to regionals at Morehead, KY

3/21/18-Valerie Creasman to take 8th and 9th graders to Morehead State University in Morehead, KY

3/22/18-Frank Gifford to take FFA to MSU Regional Speaking in Morehead, KY

School Related Student Out of State Trip Requests


  • Approval of the following fundraiser requests:

02/02/18- Cathy Stewart and the Class of 2024 to have a Chili Supper fundraiser.

3/1/18 – 3/23/18- Brandi Thayer and FCCLA students to sell Easter Baskets/Eggs.

  • Approval of the following building use requests:

Homemakers to have Alumni Banquet at RCS on 5/26/18.

  • Acknowledge the following personnel actions (pending completing all Board requirements):


  • Approval of the 1st reading on policies 04.1, 04.11, 04.12, 04.2, 04.21, 04.22, 04.31, 04.311, 04.3111, and 04.312 regarding fiscal management.
  • Approval of 2nd reading of policy 09.123 regarding absences and excuses pending change in number of days from 3 to 5 days on doctor excuses.
  • Approval to immediately match the KETS offer for 17-18 totaling $5,424.
  • Approval to approve the website hosting services renewal contract with SchoolPointe for three years effective July 1, 2018.
  • Approval of the 2nd reading of 18-19 school calendar as presented.
  • Approval of driver’s licensing class MOA for 17-18.
  • Adjournment


Items Reviewed/Discussed by the Board at its February 20, 2018 board meeting with No Action Taken were:

The following students of the month were recognized and encouraged to keep up the good work:  Hunter Poe, Keyanna Ison, Chris Emmons, Abby Courtney, Mason Burden, Grace Courtney, and Jayden Ison.

Architects from Alt32 came to present the Board with a schematic design for the athletic fields and bus garage construction project.  The Board would like to see some additional parking located at the softball field and bus garage.  The total cost of the construction project will be approximately 1.79 million dollars.  After bidding price may be adjusted with a revised BG-1.  A construction project timeline was discussed with the Board.

PLC presentations were presented to the Board by Mrs. Linda Ishmael, Mrs. Kristina Wooldridge, Mrs. Cathy Stewart, and Mr. Timothy Miller.

Mr. Johnson, Principal, presented his Principal’s report to the Board stating how school safety has been a priority.  The school safety committee plans to re-do the school safety plan.  An assembly was held for 6-12 grade students informing them about the seriousness of school safety.  The school is considering a new assessment plan for next school year. 

Mrs. Linville, D.P.P./IS, presented to the Board how rapid reading assessments have been completed at the school, and symphony math assessments will be completed this week.  They should have data back soon.  The school is looking at going to MAP assessments for next school year.  They are getting ready to have students complete the student voice surveys.

Miss Teegarden, Finance Officer, presented information to the Board regarding potential cuts the district could face if HB 200 passes legislation.  With HB 200, the district may lose over $500,000 in funding over the next two fiscal years not including the health insurance cost since it is still unknown at this time.  District administration are diligently reviewing the budget and developing a plan to sustain these cuts for the 2018-2019 school year if they pass.  A finance officer report, monthly financial report, and bills for the month was submitted for Board review.

Ray Bogucki, Board Attorney, had nothing to report at this time.

Jeremy McCloud, ATC Principal, spoke to the Board regarding the ATC program/school that is offered to students and the future goals of the program.

Mrs. Linville presented the Superintendent’s report stating how the safe school’s committee has met.  Administration is currently closely watching the proposed budget cuts.  Mr. Holbrook will be out of the district at NISSIL training tomorrow and Thursday.

Parent addressed Board regarding parent interaction with students policy and school bullying policy.

Robertson County Sheriff, Mark Sutton, invited the Board to an emergency management meeting they will be having for school safety.


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