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              The Story of the Play

An evil computer virus invades a disk containing children’s beloved fairy tales, stories, and nursery rhymes and causes all of the story characters to become mish-mashed together. Imagine Little Red Riding Hood’s confusion when the Wolf in the woods asks about Three Little Pigs instead of the way to her Grandmother’s house! Byte and Bit are computer chips who try to set things right and defeat the evil virus before he infects other computers. Things look so bad, even the Witch of Hansel and Gretel and the Evil Queen of Snow White help out against Virus. Bit saves the day, the audience helps the chips sort out the stories, and Little Red Riding Hood begins as it should.  





Computer Virus                                         Dalton Sims

Little Red Riding Hood                    Eden Thayer

Wolf 1                                                        Destin Fryman

Goldilocks                                                  Jenna Brown

Practical Pig                                              Carley Turner

Wolf 2                                                        Jared Cracraft

Crabby                                                       Christopher Emmons

Smiley                                                        Jarred Sapp

Silly                                                            Arlie Earlywine

Byte                                                            Haley Flack

Bit                                                               Lakin Dugan

Queen                                                        Sierra Maybrier

Witch                                                         Breanna Green

Peter Rabbit                                              Luke King

Momma Bear                                            Reece Roberts

Jack Beanstalk                                           Carson Gay

Jack Hill                                                     Nathan Goodman

Jack Horner                                               Cody Hughes

Jack B Nimble                                           Gabby Smith

Special Appearance                                  Madison Myers


Production Crew                                    Directors

                                    Andrew Asbury                                       Mrs. Kristi Wooldridge

Breanna Bishop                                        Mrs. Shanda Gay     

Chase Cain

Roland Howard

Sooah Jeon

Madison Myers

Patrick Norris

Brandon Quesenberry


Special Thanks To

Sue Green                                                     Gage King

Alicia Barker                                                Alex King

Shanna Saunders                                       Mrs. Treva’s 3rd graders

Greg King                                                     Mr. Johnson

Nathan Goodman                                      Mr. Holbrook 

Wal-Mart                                                     Mrs. Mattie Flack

Mrs. Erica Carpenter                                Bradley Miller

Erick Nava                                                    Rodney Massey

Lily Johnson

Abby Earlywine

Natalie Massey

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