Attendance Rewards Thank You

Robertson County School says "Thank You" to the following people for contributing to the bicycle attendance drive:

Mt. Olivet Masonic Lodge #291
KPI Therapy
Marvin Stewart- Deming Class of 1974
Jimmy Staggs- Deming Class of 1958 & Karen Staggs
Steve Collins- Deming Class of 1968
Woodmen Life
Marsha Jones- Deming Class of 1998
Jeff Jones- Deming Class of 1995
Junior Tilton- Deming Class of 1981
Teresa Tilton- Deming Class of 1981
Robertson County Women’s Club
Wendell Haag- RCS Board Member & Jennie Lee Haag
Doug & Brigette Fongeallaz
Sammy Sato- Deming Class of 1964
Suzanne Wrigglesworth- Deming Class of 1958
Peggy Hedges- Deming Class of 1964
Robertson County Farm Bureau Board
John DeLong- Robertson County Farm Bureau Agent
Julia Rawlings- KDE State Assistance Manager
Deming Alumni of RCS Staff
Stanley Henderson- Mt. Olivet Mayor & Deming Class of 1983
Jeff & Treva Woods in memory of Bradley & Debbie Gifford- Deming Class of 1965 & 1969
Piqua Christian Church 
Oney (Bud) & Janice Gifford - Deming Class of 1968, Retired Deming and RCS Staff member 
Warren Massey- Deming Class of 1956
Dotson Livestock- Deming Class of 1994
Terry & Patty Norris- Magistrate Precinct #1 and Deming Class of 1963
Citizen’s Deposit Bank

If you would like to contribute to an awesome cause, please contact Superintendent Sanford Holbrook at 606-724-5431.

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