Board of Education Meets


Third Grader Mackenzie Massey with board member Lauren Hughes


Eighth Grader Joshua Pilosky with board member Wendell Haag


Sophomore Dalton Sims with board member Darlene Gifford

Robertson County Board of Education
Media Release
January 16, 2017
Board Meeting

The January 16, 2017 Robertson County Board of Education meeting was called to order by Chairman John Burns.

Items Approved by the Board at its January 16, 2017 board meeting were:

•    Approval of agenda
•    Approval to have a three-minute recess
•    Approval of the following board meeting minutes:  December 19, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes, January 4, 2017 Organizational Meeting Minutes, and January 4, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes.
•    Approval of payment of all bills and claims
•    Approval of the following fundraiser request:

Fundraiser Requests: 
January 21, 2017-Athletic Boosters-Junior Homecoming Dance 
January 20, 2017 starting then alternating Fridays thru 4/21/17, - Robertson County Foundation-snacks 
February 1-14, 2017-Middle School Cheerleaders-Valentine candy and notes 
February 12, 2017-Robertson County Foundation-Valentine`s Day Meal

•    Approval of the following travel/trip requests:

 Travel Requests: 
January 10, 2017-Diana Wells-FRYSC Legislator Meet and Greet/Born Learning Academy-Morehead/Maysville, KY 
January 12,18,24,27, 2017-Tamara Leadingham-DOSE Meetings-Fort Mitchell, Maysville, Ashland, KY
January 12, 2017-Veronica McConnell-General Mills Conference-Lexington, KY
January 19, 2017-Veronica McConnell-Summer Feeding Program-Frankfort, KY
January 26, 2017-Linda Ishmael/Grace Massey-Field Trip-Lexington, KY
February 15, 2017-Thomas Mitchell, Jr.-Erate and 471 Training-Morehead, KY 
March 8, 2017-Thomas Mitchell, Jr. –KCEA Legislative Breakfast-Frankfort, KY 

Trip Requests: 
January 26, 2017-Linda Ishmael/Grace Massey-Lexington Children`s Theatre-Lexington, KY 
February-Kim Roberts-Newport Aquarium-Newport, KY
February 5-6, 2017-Brandi Thayer-FCCLA State Executive Council Mtg.-Frankfort, KY
February 10, 24, 2017-Brandi Thayer-FCCLA Star Events-Maysville, KY
February 17, 2017-Brandi Thayer-Sullivan University-Lexington, KY

Out of State Trip/Travel Requests: 

•    Approval of the following building use request:
•     Building Use Requests: 
January 21, 2017-Athletic Boosters-RCS cafeteria for Junior Homecoming Dance Grades 3-6.
•    Acknowledged personnel actions
•    Approval of Draft Budget 2017-2018
•    Approval of KSBA Resolution for KU rate increase
•    Approval to hire Denise Keene CPA for 2016-2017 year-end financial audit
•    Approval of 1st reading of policies 08.1133 and 08.113.
•    Adjournment

Items Reviewed/Discussed by the Board at its January 16, 2017 board meeting with No Action Taken were:
The following students of the month were recognized and encouraged to keep up the good work:  Caleb Sutton, Mackenzie Massey, Natalie Massey, Joshua Pilosky, Keeley Massey and Daulton Sims.

Mr. Johnson, Principal, presented his Principal’s report to the board stating that everyone has been busy preparing for upcoming KPREP and motivating students.  

Mrs. Linville, D.P.P./IS stated that year to date attendance is at 96.65% compared to last year at this time 96.306%.  Current enrollment is at 370 students.  She will be working on a mid-year growth factor report to send in to KDE at the end of month six to report increased enrollment for the district.

Miss Teegarden, Finance Officer, presented a Finance Officer’s report and monthly financial report for December 2016 to the Board.  An available cash balance of each fund was discussed, total funds cash balance, total revenues and disbursements for the month, and a cash flow projection up through the end of the school year was reviewed by Board members.  The Board reviewed the general fund monthly financial report showing percentages of revenues received for the year and expenditures paid to date compared to amounts budgeted.  
Mrs. Docter, KDE, presented a state assistance report to the Board stating how the school is preparing for the upcoming management audit and standards three audit in April 2017.  Will be a trainer coming down from KDE to work with Mrs. Linville and scheduling in infinite campus.  Mrs. Burns, KDE, has been working with teachers and students to improve on demand writing. 

Mr. Holbrook, Superintendent, stated that the Masonic Lodge has donated six bicycles for the student awards celebration.  There have been two snow days so far this year.  School is 94 days in right now.  There will be two daytime ESS workers at the district to help focus on math and reading intervention.  Middle school and high school math will begin in February and reading will begin this week.


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