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Mission Statement

The mission of Robertson County Schools is to provide a safe, education-focused environment that fosters the development of all students to be college and/or career ready by graduation.


School Closed for Illness

Due to increased illness at Robertson County School, school will be CLOSED from December 12th – 15th, including ALL school activities and facilities through Sunday.

No ESS today after school!

We will plan to keep our original schedule for next week as previously sent out – 

Monday – regular schedule for all classes 

Tuesday – Robertson County Holiday Theater 

Wednesday – Class Christmas Parties

The nine weeks will still end next Wednesday.

The Penguin Patch Christmas Shop will be open next week Monday – Wednesday.

The RCS Band Concert on Monday, December 18th will be rescheduled!

You can help protect your children and prevent colds and other flu by taking the following precautions:

• Wash hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds. Be sure to set a good example by doing this yourself. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
• Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or by coughing into the inside of the elbow. Throw used tissues away in the trash.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Germs spread this way.
• Stay at least three feet away from people who are sick, and stay home from work or school if you are sick.
• Seek assistance from your doctor or a health professional if you see or experience symptoms that cause concern.

Varsity Basketball Schedules


Deming School Property Auction


Bid Notice


RCS Turkey Dodgeball Tournament Winners


Division winners from the first ever RCS Turkey Dodgeball Tournament

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

RCS Competes in First Archery Meet


The Robertson County School Archery Team competed in their very first meet Saturday, November 18 at Mason County.  There were 5 competitors that placed:

Brandon Earlywine- 4th place elementary division boys

Zoey Earlywine- 2nd place elementary division girls

Whitney Dennie- 3rd place elementary division girls

Alexis England- 4th place elementary division girls

Brookelyn Earlywine- 5th place elementary division girls

Click on "Read More" for more pictures from the event.

SSAC Honors WWII Veterans


The RCS Superintendent Student Advisory Council honored Robertson County World War II veterans.  Front Row: Keeley Massey, Kaylee Evans, Haley Stewart, Allison Hendricks, and Kole Whalen.

Back Row: Ivan McConnell, Dee Whitaker, Dewey Miller, Harley Estep, John Clark, Margret Highlander, and Mason Burden.

RCS Celebrates Our Veterans

Zollar Stewart

Zollar Stewart

Robertson County School students, staff, and community members honored their veterans on November 10.  The veterans were treated to a free lunch courtesy of the RCS cafeteria.  Then they were honored with a program filled with patriotic songs, poems, and demonstrations.  Vietnam veteran and retired Robertson County bus driver Zollar Stewart was honored with this year's wreath, donated by Pam King.  Special guest speaker was former Kentucky State Representative and veteran, Mike Denham.  Thank you to all veterans.  Click on "Read More" for more pictures and the program.

It's Your Reality


It's Your Reality (an Extension Cooperative program) took place November 8 at Blue Licks State Park for Robertson County School freshman students.  Students were engaged in the financial literacy activity.  The learning objective of the program/activity is to prepare young people for the workplace and help them make informed choices about purchasing insurance, clothing, housing, etc. based on their monthly income – in general helping them learn and be informed about the “real” world.  The event was organized by the FRYSC and Community Education Programs by Diana Wells and Thomas Mitchell, Jr.  They would like to thank community volunteers: Dina Stitt, Warren Massey, Lloyd Wells, Carol Moran, Terry Burns, Sue Conley, Carol Mitchell, Jenny Fooks, Patti Insko,  Bill Henry, Joanie Jolly, Steve Rose, Mark Edgley, and Roland Howard,  Click on "Read More" to see more pictures.

1st 9 Weeks Perfect Attendance


Sources Of Strength Begins


The Robertson County School created the acronym of Sources of Strength (SOS) using all middle and high school students, to help promote and raise awareness of a new program that emphasizes the strengths we have in our life and how to utilize those strengths to make positive decisions that affect us for years to come.  (Thanks to Wyatt Cooper for the image) 

In order to introduce this program the RCS Sources of Strength team kicked off a 21 day “Thankfulness Challenge” to affirm, identify, and recognize the people, possessions, and ideals they are thankful for in order to promote the positive impact these things have in their life.

The Sources of Strength Team also has created a YouTube channel with the first video being the Sources of Strength mission statement.  You can click on “Read More” to see the video, or click on the link to the YouTube channel below.


1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll

*denotes all A`s

Honor Roll based on school classes not college classes

Third Grade-Brandon Bowman*, Dalton Brumagen*, Holly Burns*, Kyle Burns*, Addisston Flack, Tanner Flack*, Nicole Godsey, Abisai Gomez, Nolan Harding, Carter Haywood*, Hayden Humphries, Peyton Jolly, Kayla Knarr*, Adyson Linville*, Jazie Linville, Saphira McFarland, Herbert Mclaughlin*, Olivia Penrod*, Joseph Ridenour, Harley Spencer, Evelyn Stamper, Nathaniel Thayer, Tyler Tilton

Fourth Grade-Carson Asbury, Finnegan Cochlin*, Alehria Commodore, Macy Cooper, Elijah Cowan, Alana Cracraft, Wyatt Curtis*, Irene Dischar*, Alexis England*, Jayla Fryman*, Tanner Gifford, Walker Grigson, Keyanna Ison, Lily Jones, Landon Logan, Savanna Marsh, Ashton Myers, Alyssa Oldham, Hunter Poe, Devan Rose, Caleb Sutton*, Nathan Turner

Fifth Grade-Emma Adamson*, Makayla Brumagen*, Athelia Buckler*, Tracie Butler, Henry Chain, Lilan Chmura*, Jessica Denkins, Whitney Dennie, Brandon Earlywine, Mallory Fryman, Sindole Gifford*, Nathanial Gray, Edward Holmberg, Gracie Isaac, Hadleigh Linville*, Joshua McConnell*, Miricle McCord*, Ethan McFarland, Anna Miler, Carree` Morgan, Chloe Northcutt*, Jordan Reed*, Kaine Roberts, Dylan Rose*, Wes Sapp, Gracie Silvey, Rachel Unthank*

Sixth Grade-Devin Craig, Carlie Gay*, Margret Highlander, Ephraim Hughes, Brodie Knarr, Kaitlynn Linville, Haley Stewart, Kimberly Wood

Click on "Read More" to see grades 7-12.

Sources of Strength Team

Sources of Strength Team

The Robertson County School Sources of Strength Team attended training on October 17 at the Robertson County Public Library. 

Front Row: Keeley Massey, Grace Courtney, Alicia Barker, Gabby Smith.

Second Row: Trey Schulz, Sam Buckler, Nathan Goodman, Carson Gay, Braydon Dugan, Natalie Massey, Emily Kelly

Back Row: Andrew Unthank, Mr. Jamey Johnson, Mr. John Brown, Mrs. Valerie Creasman, Mr. Clay Boone, Mason Burden, Justin Becker, Alex Schalch, Mr. Thomas Mitchell, Mrs. Kristy Wooldridge, Allison Hendricks

Student Superheroes of RCS

Walking the Blue Carpet

Great Things Continue to Happen at RCS

Shanda Gay

RCS Middle School teacher, Shanda Gay, has been selected to serve on the state of Kentucky Middle School (6-8) English Language Arts Standards Advisory Panel.  State Senate Bill I calls for the review and revision of Kentucky’s Academic Standards every six years.  This year, standards for Reading/Writing and Math will be reviewed and revised.  Mrs. Gay, along with other highly skilled educators selected from the state, will meet in Frankfort for 3-5 days during this school year.  Additionally, Mrs. Gay was selected to serve on the prestigious ECET2KY (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers) regional planning team at the end of September.  The ECET2 is a national initiative by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that focuses on collaboration between highly effective teachers and professionalizing teaching.  Over the past four years, close to 3,000 Kentucky teachers have attended ECET2 planning meetings in Kentucky.  Mr. Aaron Massey, RCS Middle School Social Studies teacher was also selected to attend this years’ ECET2, but was unable to attend.  Being selected and serving on these teams, is quite an honor for these teachers and for Robertson County Middle School.  Success continues at RCS!


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